A global design.
  • type tested and compliant with IEC61439-1 and IEC61439-2.
  • with a flexible and modular system, designed for maximum safety and reliability.
  • exclusively designed for and type-tested with Schneider Electric components: guarantee of the highest performance and safest use of components from the world leader in protection and control.
  • corrosive ambient protection, etc.
  • Optimum protection for personnel and plant
  • Design verified by testing (type-tested) including arc fault containment
  • High operational reliability and availability
  • Maintenance-free busbar and frame construction
  • Simple retrofitting procedures
  • Unmatched safety for protection for personnel and plant

The system's modular design allows for a wide range of intelligent combinations. That means you save time, money and space. And because you can also rely on Eaton's excellent reputation for safety, you can implement individual projects in functional buildings or office and industrial buildings simply, quickly and flexibly.

  • Fully tested systems:
    Components + Built-in systems + Enclosures + Tools/Service
  • Delivery as flat pack or as pre-assembled enclosure
  • Specially designed for the building infrastructure up to 5000 A